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January 09 2014

Advantages Of Vacation Rentals Over Hotels | Holiday Rental

15 Benefits of a Vacation Rental



Vacation is what we arr are needed this is very special for all of us. We cab spend a memorable time with our family and loving once’s on vacations.During the vacation the most required thing is accommodation.There are so many peoples which belong to middle class family and not able to afford the luxury hotels to stay so Vacation Rentals are the best option for you. They are cheap effective and make your trip memorable  you can also List Your Property For Rent on these king of platform and generate good income one of the best vacation rental platform is Guest For Home just visit this and experience the best way of traveling.

vacation rental.

1. Laundry: This is such a huge benefit! Most vacation rentals have a washer/dryer in them. This means you can pack less and save on baggage fees if you are flying. You can also do laundry mid-week, or if you are like me, do all of your laundry while on vacation, so you come home with two big suitcases full of clean clothes! (Don’t forget to bring laundry detergent with you.)

2. Ability to cook at home: Having a refrigerator and oven can really help you save money on eating out, especially for breakfast or lunch. We had breakfast at “home” every day and most days ate lunch or dinner there as well. Eating out is SO expensive and we often find that we feel better when we eat our own, usually healthier cooking! Now of course, it is fun to try some local restaurants when you are on vacation, but eating out too much can really impact your budget. (One reader recommended to menu plan before you go so you know what foods/spices to bring from home and what to buy at the grocery store when you arrive to your destination!)

3. Extra space: This is a HUGE benefit. Our condo was truly a “home away from home”. It was so nice to have extra room to lounge,  relax and unwind, instead of being cooped up in one room. We were able to really enjoy our family down time and were much more comfortable in a living room rather than in a hotel room. The kids were able to spread out and play, and nap in separate rooms, which was a blessing.

4. Cost effective: We were surprised by how cost effective our spacious condo was. The price was definitely comparable to a hotel. Because many vacation rentals are large, oftentimes families rent them together, making them even cheaper than a hotel. Resort Quest offers an easy to use calculator to figure out rental costs on their website.

5. Community: Our condo was in an area in Hilton Head called Sea Pines. This built in community within the beach town translated to exclusive beaches, yummy restaurants and a community of other people all enjoying the area together. If you travel with family or friends, a vacation rental condo can also offer the perfect space to experience with your loved ones.

6. Variety: every vacation rental is different – different décor, different view, different amenities, etc. You can choose your own vacation rental and preferences based on your budget, whether small or large and how you want to define your vacation –near the beach, near the golf course, or somewhere in between.

7. Comforts of home: Vacation rentals offer all the comforts of home (and maybe some your home doesn’t have). You have space to sprawl out, comfortable living rooms, multiple bedrooms, etc. It truly felt like “home” for the week. We found ourselves saying, “Elias, it’s time to go home.” This translated to easy transitions for us, long naps for the kids and an overall more relaxing vacation. Guest For Home provide you facility like that so you can feel that you are still at your home.

8. Lots of Privacy: In a vacation rental, usually you have private balconies and private entrances. This means you have no need to walk through the lobby every time you return to your unit. Moreover, depending on the unit, sometimes private pools and BBQ grills (mostly found in private single family rental homes) are included too!

9. Everywhere: Vacation rentals are available virtually everywhere you want to visit!. Guest For Home make it easy for you all. G4H provide you best vacation rentals all over the worlds and also provide option to list your property as well so you can also Become A Good Host

10. Safety: From exclusive codes on the locks to being located in gated communities with guards, vacation rentals are very safe. As a family, this is so important.

11. Technology: Our condo had WiFi, televisions throughout with cable and DVD players. So if you want technology while you vacation, you can definitely have it.

12.Customer service: When renting through a property management company like ResortQuest, you are provided with excellent customer service both before and during your stay. They can help you make the right decision about your rental choice, advise on activities while on vacation and more.

13. Entertainment options: Vacation rentals often offer a lot to do. We had access to a private pool, the beach, tons of restaurants, bike paths, free movie rentals and more. We could have never left Sea Pines and had a perfect vacation.

14. Less crowded: Because we were in a condo and not a hotel, there were obviously less people.

15. Memories: The memories we created during our vacation will last a lifetime!


Do you list your property on Guestforhome?
If you want best rent option for your property than you should register your property on Guestforhome, This is one of the most valuable house rental platform for list your home. There can be numerous people traveling globally, looking for a comfortable stay There can be plenty of those, who’d like to share their living space with such traveling guests sometimes for rent, sometimes for home-exchange, sometimes for services and sometimes simply for their company!

January 07 2014

15 Important Facts About Rental Home By Guest For Home | Best Place To List Your Home and Apartments | Holiday Rental

15 Rental  Facts You Need To Know


Sometimes the sheer amount of information in a field of enquiry can be overwhelming. We certainly felt that way at the end of the recent Pay Prop and TPN State of the Rental Industry presentations, hosted in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.

But what a privilege to have access to the brilliance of Mike Shussler, John Loos and Marlon Shevelew! To help you get through all those graphs and numbers, we’ve distilled it all into the 15 most salient points to come out of the conference.And find out the best solution of all renting problems which is Guest For Home it is the best place to list your property for rent.

As the country’s demographics continue to morph, so do housing formats. While 4- and 5-bedroom houses made up more than a third of all houses in the late 1980s, the figure is barely 10% today. Around 90% of all housing is comprised of 2 and 3 bedroom units.

It takes longer than ever before to sell a house. In 2005 it took about 6 weeks; today the average time a house spends on the market is 15.6 weeks.

When a sale does happen, it is a negotiation. The latest figures show that 88% of sellers drop their asking price, and that the average fall in price is 11%.

People are scaling down due to economic pressures, and increasingly favour renting over owning. Home ownership has dropped from 70% a decade ago to just 62% now. 22% of sellers say their reason for selling is “downscaling due to financial pressure”.

The buy-to-let market has slowed down significantly from the boom years in 2004, when 25% of buyers fell into this category. Today, only 9% are buy-to-let buyers, although this number is again picking up slightly.

There are an estimated 700 000 rental properties in South Africa – 65 000 of which are listed on the PayProp database.

Before ancillary costs, the average buy-to-let investor achieves a 7.6% return on capital. When costs such as property taxes, repairs and maintenance are factored in, this number drops to 6.3%.

According to the PayProp Rental Index, the average rental increase at present is just 5% – the lowest it’s been in 12 months.

The latest TPN figures show that 11% of tenants do not pay their rent at all!

Across the price bands, the biggest risk for non-payment is encountered in the sub-R3 000 and above-R12 000 rental brackets. Below R3 000, tenants are hampered by inflationary pressures, while interest rates appear to thwart the more indebted tenants of the above-R12 000 category.

 For the first quarter of 2012, TPN results showed 81% of tenants to be in good standing. This is a vast improvement on the 71% recorded in the first quarter of 2009.

73% of estate agencies most recently audited by the EAAB did not have a clean bill of health concerning their trust account audits – putting their clients (and themselves) at immense risk.

A shocking 32% of agents audited by the EAAB did not have valid Fidelity Fund Certificates.

The average rental portfolio generates 400 transactions and 700 accounting entries over month-end – requiring solid oversight.

To sum it all up, the market is showing slow signs of recovery on the sales side, while rentals seem to be growing in significance. However, tenants are under strain due to auxiliary cost increases, putting pressure on their ability to afford higher increases, thereby decreasing owner returns.

If you have a solid rental portfolio, now is the time to ensure that it is properly maintained, because it represents a reliable source of income in an unsure market.So just go and vsit http://guestforhome.com/Home and increase the chance to become a good host.

List Your Property at Guest for Home

If you live in one of the best holiday destinations so this is the plus point for you, you can give your Property for Rent and generate a very good income for that you just follow one simple step register your property at one of the best Vacation Rental Platform.  

January 06 2014

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Mesmerizing Destinations – Egypt: “Where It All Begins!!”

For a glimpse of the past and a confluence of culture, heritage and social life, make Egypt your holiday destination this year. Be it the awe-inspiring sight of the colossal pyramids and the vast expanse of the desert to some of the best modern adventure sport activities, Egypt has something for every guest.

When to Go: The place is weather-friendly all year long with temperatures reaching a maximum of 35 degrees in summer and dipping to 20 degrees maximum in winters.  You can forget about rains as it happens once in a blue moon. However you should be prepared for chilly weather once the sun dips below the horizon.

Places to Visit: Red Sea & Sinai region (Sharm El Sheikh, Sahl Hasheesh, Hurghada, Marsa Alam and Soma Bay) and the Nile region (Luxor)

Things to Do: Red Sea Cruise, Check out Cairo by Air, Scuba Diving, Explore the abundant marine life of Egypt with underground, explore the mysterious pyramids and temples in Luxor, the Ras Mohammad Park is a must visit site, the camel safari, and hot air balloon rides. 

Tips And Advice How To List Your House For Rent -

Tips And Advice How To List Your House For Rent

Tips and advice on creating effective listings

Taking the right pictures
Writing effective property descriptions
Sites to list rentals
Your offline advertising
Tracking rental sites that worked
There’s more to listing your house for rent on websites like Guest For Home, than just posting a short text and maybe adding a little thumbnail-sized picture. If you really want your listing to attract good tenants consider the following tips:

Taking the right pictures

Include lots of photos of the entire property. Kitchen and bathrooms are especially important since most online rental searching is done by women. Make a photo of every room in your rental and a few shots of the exterior. Use common sense when taking these photos, pick the right angle (e.g. don’t take a picture of the front of your house with a trash container right in the center of the shot). In other words pay attention to detail.
One small picture or no pictures is not going to work. Plenty of large size pictures is what is going to set your listing apart from other properties. Most users have high speed internet these days, so don’t worry about picture size being too large. Besides many websites re-size images for optimal viewing automatically.
If you have a floor plan of your property, post it online together with the photos. Our research based on web stats from many real estate sites indicates that floor plans are the first or the second most popular page visitors go to when checking out a rental or for sale property. Even if you only have a print version of your floor plan, you can scan it in and attach/upload with your listing (BTW Guestforhome.com allows you to upload multiple floor plans with your listing).
Taking a video tour or virtual tour of a house, apartment or neighborhood is the hottest new trend in real estate online. If you can, order a virtual tour or even a video tour. If you can not - do it yourself! Most digital cameras and phones have the ability to record video, which then can be transferred to your computer and uploaded to video sharing site like YouTube. Once you do that you can embed or link to your video from your listing.

Writing effective property descriptions

Avoid “the great wall” of text in property descriptions. Short bullet point style description that invites “come on I am easy to read” is going to work best. Most internet users glance through, not read. List most important “selling points” in the beginning and towards the end, so that your listing stands out.
guestforhome.com/HomeAvoid CAPITALIZING ALL LETTERS in your property description. Some people think that making the text all-caps gets you more attention – it is untrue. All caps can actually be harder to read and it is considered “yelling” at someone on the Internet. You don’t want to come across as being rude.
Write as if you were writing for someone who’s unfamiliar with the area. For example, if your rental is in the suburb, mention how close the major business districts and biggest employers are, e.g. 5 min to downtown, 10 min drive to the naval base, etc.

Don’t forget to mention all of the selling points of your home for rent. Often small things like having washer and dryer, information about the quality of life in the community, proximity to shopping areas, hospitals, low crime rate, proximity to highways and similar things can make someone choose your rental over another. If your rental is in a good school district, make sure you mentioned that. School district can be the only deciding factor for some families.
Don’t sound like a cheap local commercial. Phrases like “Special offer! First month rent free! Don’t wait as this rental won’t last long!” make the reader trust you less in everything you say. Instead, write in enthusiastic but sincere tone.
Sites to list rentals

List and advertise on multiple sites. Remember listing your rental just on one site is not merely enough untill you List Your Property For Rent On Guest For Home. Would you spend an extra hour listing your property everywhere you can and get the tenant in a month earlier? Probably yes, unless money is not important to you. For rentals, smaller geographically focused websites like guestforhome.com can be a lot more effective than other websites, or even Craigslist. Big websites often provide tiny amounts of space to advertise your property and put it side by side with hundreds of other listings.

Here’s a list of some sites to consider listing your rental with*:

guestforhome.com - To save time you can use our service which allows you to push your listing to multiple websites like Craigslist, HotPads, Google Base, and several others. So you only need to create your listing once on this site. Create your free listing now.

Your offline advertising

You’ve set up your online listings, now what? It comes as a surprise to many rental owners but outdoor signs, print flyers and other offline advertising methods can be as effective as any other type of advertising. However, a prospective tenant is more likely to go online to preview a property than to call you right away, so put both the listing url and the phone number on your outdoor sign and flyers. If you are running a newspaper ad, put the link to that listing in your ad. For your convenience guestforhome.com provides short urls to listings.

Tracking rental sites that worked

If you manage multiple rentals and need to advertise on a regular basis don’t forget to measure the results for each site you list on. How many page views did your listing get on each site? How many leads did you receive from each site? Don’t forget to ask prospects that call how they found your property. After a while you’ll know which sites work best for your area and produce good results, and which are not worth the money or the time spent. With listing on Guestforhome.com for example, an average rental listing owner receives several serious inquiries from prospective tenants each month.

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When you think about Florida, the first image that comes to your mind 

is that of vast expanse of beaches with bright sunshine and warm 

waters that shelf gently into the Gulf Coast. From sunny beaches to 

the famous Everglades housing alligators, Florida offers some of the 

best natural environments that one may desire. 
For the city loving folks, the place offers malls that are as expansive as 

cities, golf courses that boast of possessing the best in class features 

and a wide array of restaurants. The Everglades provide the perfect 

setting for all adventure aficionados to try their hand ta kayaking, 

hiking and even hot air ballooning. 
But the best part about Florida is the globally acclaimed Walt Disney 

World where fantasy is indeed a reality. No matter how old you may be, 

Walt Disney World will never fail to amaze you with its life like attraction

s and some of the best amusement themes known to man. 
Visit Florida and relive your childhood moments by indulging in your wild

est desires. Don’t forget to check out lake Buena Vista, Universal 

Orlando, Championsgate, International Drive and Kissimmee.

January 04 2014

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How To Plan Your Dream vacation

1. Write down things you’d like to include in your vacation, dream location, favorite season, preferred way to travel & else you want.

2. Determine your budget, Clothing, Food, Hotel expenses, Camera, Travel insurance.

3. Research about your dream location.

4. Book your vacation & make sure that hotel reservations and transportation tickets cover the same days. So do not wait plane your vacation today.

Mesmerizing Holiday Destinations – Live It Up in Singapore!

Singapore is in true senses the perfect example of unity in diversity. Being a confluence of various cultures in addition to the existing natural ambience of the region, it has become a popular vacation destination especially for tourists who wish to get up close and personal with nature. This place has a wide range of bountiful offerings to satisfy even the most demanding individual. Festivities can be seen year round made more vibrant with the region’s rich cultural mix and heritage.

When in Singapore, don’t miss out Botanical Gardens, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, Zoo and the Sentosa Island. Visit Singapore with your friends and family and experience the land where the fun never ends.

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